Aviation & Defense

The Kemat Consulting aviation and defense team members includes experts who have represented a broad range of organizations and companies, from start-ups to multinationals. Our professionals provide counsel based on in-depth industry knowledge and expertise and are focused on such industries as airlines, commercial aviation, and aircraft and engine manufacturing. Our comprehensive suite of integrated services includes:

Aviation Communication  Solution

Delivering complete communication services from ground to in-flight and vice -versa. The Solution furnishes bi-directionally-initiated (i.e., air-to-ground/ground-to-air) telephony services (e.g., voice, FAX, narrowband/baseband PC data) to multiple simultaneous cabin users over various air/ground bearer system links.

Defense Modeling & Simulation

Modeling and Simulation was born in the defense industry, growing and maturing into an integral element of the defense life cycle. Kemat and with its partner company has been helping defense customers leverage networking, simulation, visualization, and terrain technologies to build and deliver simulation systems. Our custom developed solutions have been used to integrate nationwide defense systems, visualize mission planning for land, air and under water simulators, analyze data for review and prototype defense vehicles and systems. Simulators helps

build and populate 3D simulation environments (a.k.a. virtual worlds), from vehicle or building interiors to urban terrain areas. Simulate the mobility, dynamics and behavior of people and vehicles; from individual role players to large scale simulations involving 10’s of thousands of entities.Visualize the simulation to understand analytical results or participate in immersive experiences.

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