Our strategic consulting team brings together some of the innovative thinkers in the nonprofit sector, and our in house production teams of designers, programmers and copywriters can do it all – delivering complete programs to engage your organization’s core constituencies and advance your mission and mandate.

Kemat Consulting will research your organization’s e-philanthropy skills and expertise, from web site management to daily administration in order to help you maximize your human and technical resources. Our audit includes identifying and conducting interviews with stakeholders, gathering data, analyzing results and preparing a final document with key recommendations. An integrated e-philanthropy plan with specific goals, budgets, timelines, and tactics will allow you to leverage the full value of your current and future online fundraising capability. Your organization will be able to plan, execute, test, and evaluate the combination of new and old fundraising methods.

Our Industry offering

  • E-philanthropy Integrated Fundraising Plan
  • Campaign Development (Advocacy, Events, Legacy giving)
  • Sponsorship & Events
  • Database & Donor Management
  • Technology Audit and Vendor Selection
  • Website development project management

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