Online & Mobile Marketing

Digital strategies are becoming increasingly prevalent in a companies’ overall marketing strategy. It is predicted that by 2015, digital strategies, such as email marketing, SMS marketing, and social media marketing, will influence at least 80% of consumer’s discretionary spending.

Our multi-channel marketing platform gives you access to over 15 different digital marketing tools so that you can add value to the marketing services you offer customers. Reaching clients on the preferred method of communication is what businesses around the world are looking for and with this complete marketing toolbox, you can use online, offline, mobile and social marketing with ease.

Online Marketing Made Easy
Use our online marketing tools to minimize the busy work so you can focus on the creativity and quality of your messaging and offers. Reach and engage clients to increase sales and grow business.

Email Marketing

Create, send & track email marketing campaigns that will give your company a competitive edge.

Contact Manager

Create, save and segment your lists with unlimited storage capacity.

Form Builder

Create online forms with the easiest product on the market. No HTML knowledge required.

PR Marketing

Submit your organization’s press releases with ease with our automated submission software.

Landing Pages

A quick and easy way to create multiple landing pages and track what page works best.

Online Surveys

Create and send online surveys that draw user feedback in minutes. Get the tools you need today.

Link Tracking

Easily track click-thrus and open rates to help determine what marketing is working.


Build strong and immediate relationships with our automated follow-up solution.

Blacklist Monitor

Don’t take a chance on your marketing infrastructure. Start monitoring your IP today.

Grow Business With Text Marketing

Grab your audience’s attention using the most immediate channel – mobile marketing. Experience impressive results and connect with your customers by putting your message right in their hands.

SMS Marketing

Mobile marketing made easy. Find out more about how SMS Marketing can work for you.

Offline Marketing That Works

You can’t ignore the power of offline marketing. Organizations worldwide still use events to generate leads and promote products. Same for fax, as offices around the globe still communicate via the fax machine. Don’t miss out.

Fax Marketing

Send fax blasts to thousands of organizations simultaneously without the hassle.

Event Management

Kemat Consulting empowers your event campaigns with powerful tools to maximize attendance.

Voice Broadcasting

Automatically broadcast recorded voice messages to inform customers.

Amplify Your Organization’s Reach

Social marketing leverages the sharing behavior of your customers, greatly increasing the reach and impact of your messages. Easily integrate with the most popular social networks today.

Facebook Marketing

Engage with clients through Facebook by creating marketing apps for your company page.

Twitter Marketing

Automate and manage your Twitter marketing campaigns with this simple online tool.

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