Public Relations

Corporate PR and Blogging is fast becoming a powerful way to draw traffic and convince your audience that you have the strongest ideas and products in your marketplace. Kemat Consulting recognized the growing importance of blogs for search engine optimization, thought leadership and product development.

Blogging Content Assessment to identify your company’s primary marketing objectives and to estimate/calculate how business blogging can help support those objectives we listen and research your business, competitors and customers. We develop a blogging content strategy by conducting interviews with your leaders and surveys with both customers and your customer-facing employees.

Content Blogging Strategy for a company has to be developed within the constraints of client copywriting resources and what will work for each client’s industry. At the end of the process you will know your blogging content strategy will achieve your goals; be they thought leadership, customer support or product development.

We help businesses to produce socially-shared press release, distribute your release, post links to it, tweet about it and share it on social media.

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