Strategy Consulting

Simply put, Strategic Planning is a process that allows you to develop your business priorities and map a key course of action to achieve those business priorities. This service will help you identify your key priorities, then develop and document a plan of action that you can actually understand and implement


A visioning process is more than creating an image for the future, it requires seeing this image through a lens that is grounded in real time, realistic, acknowledges the past and makes a connection to the present.There needs to be as much detail as possible, to create a compelling image that can mobilize stakeholders and maintain their commitment during difficult implementation periods.

Our consensus approach pulls together critical themes that emerge from the consultations and we work with you to ensure that there is buy-in from key stakeholders as a vision starts to take shape from the work.

Strategic Planning

Strategy projects are focused on setting or re-aligning the direction for the organization. Strategy initiatives generally require a number of the other services which we provide such as research, facilitation, change management, and/or stakeholder engagement.

We assist organizations to develop strategies consistent with their vision and values that position them securely for the future rather than merely address a short-term crisis. Our approach is based on establishing a solid case for change and building buy-in among the major stakeholders.Our goal is to develop clear directions and practical plans which can be implemented and their success measured.

Business Planning

Your business plan needs to be aligned with the strategic directions you have chosen and reflect the environmental pressures on the organization. The traditional notion of human services organizations is being put to the challenge with scarce and competitive funding. Many organizations are looking to realign programs, adopt a social enterprise approach and/or develop shared services to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness. Our collaborative and inclusive approach is designed to help you to turn strategy into action by leveraging your people, processes and technology.

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