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Project Management Software & Collaboration

Our integrated project management solution that simplifies and speeds every project, every time. Whether your team is 3 or 30, you can make sure everyone’s on the same page and working toward the same goal. The result is coordinated, unified process that slashes project time, saves money, and enhances project quality. Start working smarter, faster with Projects today.

Remote Support

Our Remote support solution provides a simple and straight forward user interface to connect to remote computers anywhere on the globe, as long as they are hooked to the internet, even through firewalls and proxies. Once your customer approves access, control the remote computer as if it were in front of you, provide fast support and impress, without leaving your seat. Moreover, with online remote support you save time and all that money involved in travel

Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System for HR and staffing departments. It is simple and makes the recruitment process easier, right from raising a requisition to making an employment offer. Thus, it enables your recruitment team to focus on acquiring the right talent. – Our Recruitment Software integrates the entire recruitment process starting from requisition submittal to posting the job in the website, scheduling interviews and tracking candidates progress based on the hiring process.

Sales force Automation & CRM Software

Our Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution drives sales force performance and profitability by giving you everything you need to sell smarter. By automating your processes, it frees your people to concentrate on creating leads, closing deals and growing your customer relationships. SFA makes it simple to perform:

  •  Lead Generation & Qualification
  •  Sales Stage & Probability Analysis
  • Quota Management
  • Management Reporting

 With SFA you’ll replace doing tasks with hitting targets. Even better, your entire team will be able to collaborate and share information as it happens, eliminating redundancy and aligning goals. Because successful selling isn’t about effort. It’s about results.

Help Desk Software for Customer Support

Our Support Management System is a web-based help desk software that gives you the ability to efficiently manage your organizations customer support activities. With our free help desk software it becomes easier to assign, track, and set up alerts on help desk tickets. You can customize your help desk to make it work for your business and ensure the satisfaction of your customer support experience.

Online Form & Online Database

Database Software, Online Database or Business Apps. Call it what you want, build it with our online platform. Use our intuitive and feature-rich platform to build your custom database applications. Just write your business rules and let the software handle deployment and hosting. You can create your own forms/tables afresh or import data from standard formats (.xls .csv .mdb) and get your database application online fast.

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