Web Services

Our web services are designed to be a one stop shop for the small business. We offer Internet marketing consulting, graphics design, web site design, web hosting, search engine optimization, webmaster / site maintenance agreements and custom web programming. We design dynamic database driven sites as well as standard HTML pages.

Internet Marketing: What differentiates us from our competitors is that we are business consultants who build web sites. We first want to understand your marketing strategies and make sure your web site is an integral part of your marketing effort. If you don’t have a formal marketing plan, we can help you develop one. Your web site is an important part of your advertising effort.

Graphic Design: We work with you to develop the look your company image demands in your market. We can take your current logo and look and develop a website around that or develop a whole new look and corporate identity image around your company.

Web Design: We can design standard HTML web sites that act as an electronic brochure or we can design custom web applications that are built into dynamic web sites. Dynamic sites are database driven web sites that generate pages on demand. This could be anything from displaying your inventory on your site to an interactive test or survey. We can also remodel your site to give a fresh new look.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): This is how to get a site found by the search engines. We are experts at changing your site so that it is compatible with the search engines and insuring that your site comes up with the correct targeted search terms. This can mean a real boost in your sales.

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